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Professional Game Console Repair

Red Rings & Yellow Lights:

Green Door Geeks in Orlando FL. provides professional repair of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, and other console gaming systems. With the huge epidemic of the “Red Rings of Death” (RROD) on the Xbox 360 and the “Yellow Light of Death” (YLOD) on the PS3, console repair has become big business. We use industry standard re-work equipment to repair your RROD or YLOD errors. Our reflow repair process includes a full tear down of your console system to get to the affected chips on the motherboard. We currently maintain a 90% success rate and only have a 10-15% return rate of which half don’t return after a second repair attempt.

Lasers & Drives:

Another big problem suffered by most gaming consoles today is the inability to load or read your games and movie disc. It seems that the lasers or drives can fail before or even quickly after the the manufacturer’s warranty expires. We stock all lasers for the Xbox, PS3 and Wii systems. At times the drives inside your system can quit opening or accepting discs either due to bad motor or gear. We carry replacement parts for all drives. Should your drive not be repairable we can replace it with a new drive.

Other Errors:

Console systems tend to suffer from other problems which might not be as widespread as the ones mentioned above. We have seen many issues from no video to no power or even the inability to sync controllers. Whatever problem you may be experiencing feel free to give us a call and ask questions related to your error. Chances are we have repaired it before or can give you information on how to repair it on your own should it be an easy fix.

Our Prices, Turnaround Times & Warranty:

Our prices are dramatically less than any manufacturer and our turnaround times are days compared to weeks. When comparing to some a local competitor make sure you compare apple to apples. Some shops will undercut our prices but then provide you with a less desirable warranty. We provide a 60-90 day warranty and will heavily discount any post warranty repair.

Our Workmanship & Customer Satisfaction:

We believe in providing the utmost console repair experience and our workmanship speaks for itself. We have industry standard re-work stations to reflow your Xbox and PS3 motherboards. Beware of shops which utilize heat guns or other chepa tricks to repair your system instead of investing in the proper machinery needed to complete the repair. See our top five things you should know about console repairs before you decide to hand over you system to a repair shop. Customer satisfaction is a high priority for us so when you need your console repaired look no further than Green Door Geeks | Orlando Console Repair.

Here at Green Door Geeks, we offer only the best services. Whether you have been encountering problems with your Xbox, Playstation 3 or with other game consoles you have at home, you can be sure that our expert personnel would be able to fix the problem. Since it has always been our aim to provide only excellent services, we are committed to meeting your high standards when it comes to consoles and other gaming devices. For more information about this and other services we offer, please feel free to read the details below.



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