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PS3 Troubleshooting Tips

PS3 Troubleshooting Tips.

The Playstation 3 system is capable of performing so many functions that it should be no surprise that it malfunctions once in a while therefore troubleshooting can be a harrowing process, as you’re working to revive your expensive video game system or diagnose issues with games and controllers. However, with a methodical approach, you can troubleshoot many PlayStation 3 issues yourself, without contacting PlayStation Customer Service. Here are some helpful tips.

1. If your PlayStation 3 freezes up, touch the power button for ten seconds to shut the system down, then turn it on again.

2. If the power button alternately flashes red and green, your PS3 is running too hot. Shut of the system and let it cool down. Check that the systems air vents are clear, and move the console away from other heat generating electronics.

3. If the power button is flashing red and the system does not operate, your PS3 has overheated to a critical state. Shut the system down and do not restart it until it has cooled completely. Check that the systems air vents are clear, and move the console away from other heat generating electronics.

4. Check the content of the DVD or disc that you’re trying to play. Make sure that it is capable of being played on your PS3. The disc may be incompatible with PS3 requiring viewing options that PS3 cannot provide.

5. If you’re having difficulty connecting to your network, check the Ethernet connection to your router. Ensure that the cable is properly and securely connected at each end.

6. Never connect your PS3 to a dial-up modem. PS3 systems are designed for use on broadband networks only.

Troubleshooting PS3 for Discs That Will Not Play

1. If your PS3 does not recognize a disc, remove the disc and thoroughly wipe it clean. Make sure that the disc has not be corrupted by prolonged exposure to heat or direct sunlight. Always keep your discs in their protective cases when not in use.

2. Ensure that all DVDs that you have created have been finalized.

3. Ensure that all discs that you wish to play have been recorded using the NTSC standard.

4. If a disc becomes stuck in the PS3, touch the eject button for ten seconds to cause the system to eject the disc. After removing the disc, shut the unit off and turn it on again.

5. Never hook up your PS3 to a television set through a VCR, and do not attach it to a combination TV/VCR unit to watch DVDs. The system will react as though you were trying to copy protected content and provide you with a distorted picture.

6. Check parental and regional code settings for the DVD you are attempting to play. If you’re trying to play a Blu-Ray disc, check to see if it is locked or requires a password to play.

PS3 Troubleshooting for Video and Sound

1. If you have no sound from your system, check the Mute function on your TV or audio system.

2. Make sure that your audio cables are hooked up properly and securely. Check the devices audio setting to ensure that it recognizes the PlayStation 3 system.

3. If the disc you are trying to play is copy protected, it may not play on the PS3.

4. Check your PS3 system’s audio input and audio output setting to ensure that they are properly set up.

5. Make sure that your television set’s input mode is compatible with the PS3 connectors.

6. Ensure that your video settings are compatible with the PS3. If not, disconnect all other components. Touch the power button for about five seconds and the system will reset itself to standard video.

PlayStation 3 Troubleshooting Benefits

Many of the PS3 troubleshooting tips given above can resolve most of the common, easily fixed problems that can occur when using your PlayStation 3 system. Take the time to learn these simple PlayStation troubleshooting tips, and try them yourself, before you commit your time and money to having your PS3 serviced at any repair center.


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