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PS3 Warranty Info

Playstation 3 Warranty & Thrid Party Repairs.

Sony offers a limited 1-year warranty on Playstation 3 systems. You will have to provide your original purchase receipt at time of repair. Sony also considers a consoles warranty voided if it has been opened, damaged, or tampered with.

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has not extended any warranty for YLoD, RLoD, Or Blu-Ray issues therefore only consoles within the first year of puchase will be fixed for free. Any console outside of the 1-year limited warranty are subject to repair charges and shipping fees.

If you need help as to what to do after the YLoD/RLoD you only have 3 options: Buy a new PS3, start the repair process through Sony (which means you will receive a refurbished PS3), or repair your PS3 through a 3rd party. (Like Green Door Geeks 🙂 )

There are a couple things you need to know for the repair process through Sony:

* It will cost $178 plus applicable taxes for the repair if you are not in-warranty.

* It usually takes approx. two -three weeks for the repair

* You will most likely receive a refurbished (like new) console for the repair

* Includes 90-day warranty

*! You will be unable to recover any saved files from your dead console unless you backed up the hard drive. However, all PS Store downloads are available through the PS Store for re-download. Also, all PSN activity (friends list, online multiplayer stats, etc.) are saved on servers and will be automatically recovered once you receive your new PS3.

There are also a couple things you need to know about 3rd party repairs:

* Often less expensive than what Sony charges

* Often includes 30 – 90 day warranty (Green Door Geeks offers 90 Days on YLOD Repairs)

* You get your original console back, not a refurbished unit so all your saved games are still on your hard drive.

* You get your console back within one to two business days.


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