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Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death

The Red Ring Of Death – The Fear Of Every Xbox 360 Gamer.

It’s the fear of every Xbox 360 gamer: The Red Ring of Death. There have been entire forums devoted to it, thousands of “quick fix” claims, and many urban legends about why it appears. This is the most common error to render an Xbox 360 console unusable, and can be caused by a number of manufacturing defects in the system. If you own a defective system, there is no way to prevent this error from occurring. The first step in understanding how to fix this problem, is to understand the possible causes that bring on the dreaded “Red Ring of Death”.

The “Red Ring of Death” or “General Hardware Failure” is characterized by three red lights that appear around the illuminated power button on an Xbox 360 console. These red lights are accompanied by a complete failure of the system, resulting in the console eventually refusing to function.

There have been many identified causes that will bring about this problem.

This is the #1 cause of the Red Ring of Death in Xbox 360 consoles. A console that has insufficient cooling will operate at an extremely high temperature, causing instability in some connections between the CPU and the motherboard.

The presence of air bubbles in the solder connections inside an Xbox 360 will eventually cause a “General Hardware Failure”, as the constant change in temperature inside the console will cause the solder to crack.

The original Nyko Intercooler is also an identified cause of the Red Ring of Death. This is because the Intercooler draws too much power from the console, causing the Xbox 360 to malfunction.

The “power brick” is responsible for providing the proper flow of power to the Xbox 360 console. The power brick contains a fan, which helps keep the operational temperature low. If the power brick begins operating at a higher temperature, failure of the system occurs.


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