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Understanding The Xbox 360 Problems

Understanding The Xbox 360 Problems.

The Xbox 360 was Microsoft’s second developed console, being officially released for retail sales in November of 2005. With cutting-edge graphics, and a huge game library, the Xbox 360 is one of the most popular consoles worldwide.

However, the Xbox 360 is prone to over 100 technical issues that can cause the console to become unusable and need repair. Some retail sources have charted the total failure rate of all current Xbox 360 systems to be approximately 30%! This statistic includes all Xbox 360 systems purchased since November of 2005. In a private test of 100 Xbox 360 systems, 60% of the systems failed within the testing period, experiencing errors that disabled the use of the system. Microsoft naturally disputes this statistic, claiming that the Xbox 360 only has a 16.5% failure rate. However, even if this is true, 16.5% is still an above-average failure rate for an electronic system.

Microsoft has made several modifications in an attempt to fix the many problems affecting the Xbox 360 console, with only a partial success rate. With the constant ratio of Xbox 360 owners sending their consoles back to Microsoft for repairs, it is possible to wait up to one month to have your Xbox 360 returned. Microsoft will only assist in repairing your console if it is still under warranty, and does not show signs of abuse.

The most well-known problem to affect the Xbox 360 is the “Red Ring of Death” (also known as the “three red lights error”), or, as Microsoft refers to it, a “General Hardware Failure”. Aside from this, there are many other problems that can cause the Xbox 360 system to fail, including the “Unplayable disc” error, graphics failures, freezing of the hard drive, power brick malfunctions, and a failure of the disc tray to operate.

With the high number of Xbox 360 systems that experience problems, many gamers have taken to attempting to fix their Xbox 360 systems at home only causing more damage to the console. The proper repair involves a re-work station and a proper reflow on the CPU & GPU chips on the motherboard.


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