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Xbox 360 Warranty Info

Xbox 360 Warranty and Scratched Discs.

Microsoft offers a limited 1-year warranty on Xbox 360 systems that have been purchased or repaired within the last year. This means that, provided that you keep your original information at the time of purchase or repair, you can send an Xbox 360 back to Microsoft for a repair. However, this warranty only covers specific problems, and is void if your Xbox 360 seems to have been opened, damaged, or tampered with.

Recently, Microsoft has announced that they are extending an additional 3 year warranty to all Xbox 360 systems, but only those systems that are experiencing the “General Hardware Failure” (three red Lights ) error or an E74 will be repaired for free. All consoles experiencing other problems will be subject to additional charges, and only be covered by the limited 1-year warranty. Furthermore, any console showing any signs of tampering is voided and does not qualify for a free repair or paid repair.

Even if your Xbox 360 is still under warranty, sending your console back to Microsoft can take a significant amount of time. It may be up to one month before you receive your repaired console, and many repaired consoles can fail again soon after maintenance is performed. This could mean another month before receiving a console that may or may not work properly for a long period of time.

You can call Microsoft at 1-800-4MY-XBOX to inquire about warranty or you can sign on to the Xbox Live Support website and enter your console’s serial number to see if it qualifies for a free warranty repair.


A problem that has been encountered by many Xbox 360 owners is that the console will scratch the game discs during operation, eventually resulting in the game discs becoming unusable. This is most commonly caused by an improperly manufactured disc tray on your Xbox 360, which does not secure the game disc during operation. Unfortunately this problem is only covered by Microsoft under the limited 1-year warranty period.

Most local repair shop can repair a Xbox 360 drive or can replace a bad non repairable drive with a re-manufactured DVD drive.

At Aeon Tech Services we keep a full stock of Xbox 360 DVD drives should you need a replacement. Keep in mind that drives cannot be swapped for another drive on the fly. All drives have an encrypted key that must be matched to the motherboard in order for your Xbox 360 to operate correctly. There are several free software on the internet that can be used to accomplish this task but can be tricky to use by an amateur. Should you fail at extracting the correct key from a DVD drive it will render your Xbox 360 inoperable to play games.


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